Artfully Crafted / Fresh from Farm to Table

Nestled in the heart of Green Heights, The Urban Plate offers an exquisite American culinary experience crafted.


Since its debut in June 2012, inside the elegant Green Tower Hotel, Chef Alex, a Silver Fork awardee, has been dazzling patrons with a delightful twist on traditional favorites as well as pioneering delectable new flavors.

The Urban Plate’s ambiance, curated by the famous interior designer Mia Stanton, marries modern city chic with historical elegance. Guests can either enjoy the vibrant street views from the glass-paneled Veranda Lounge or get an up-close view of culinary magic in the open-concept kitchen area.


(555) 555-2222


123 Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA 12345


Mon–Thur 5pm–11pm
Fri–Sun 12pm–11pm

Starters & Greens

Summer Bliss Salad

spinach, beetroot, goat cheese, walnut dressing


Charred Calamari

chili lime dressing, avocado


Truffle Risotto Bites

parmesan, creamy garlic aioli




mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, basil pesto on ciabatta


Crispy Panko Chicken

avocado, spicy mayo, lettuce on brioche


Downtown Beef

roasted beef, caramelized onion on sourdough



spicy shrimp, lettuce, tangy sauce on baguette



turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato on whole grain


Veggie Delight

zucchini, bell peppers, hummus on pita



Seafood Linguine

mussels, shrimp, calamari in a white wine sauce


Stuffed Chicken

spinach and feta filling, roasted potato, lemon butter sauce


Urban Burger

blue cheese, arugula, aioli on a brioche bun


Grilled T-Bone Steak

herbed butter, garlic mashed potatoes


Honey-Glazed Salmon

wild rice, asparagus, dill sauce




A refreshing blend of premium vodka, crisp cucumber, and zesty lime, topped with a splash of sparkling water.



A tantalizing mix of fresh pineapple, muddled mint, and a hint of ginger. Perfect for a non-alcoholic lift.


Craft Beer

Artisanal brew with notes of citrus and pine. A delightful hoppy finish for those who enjoy a robust beer.


Wine Selection

A medium-bodied red wine from the vineyards of Tuscany, offering aromas of cherry and plum with a smooth finish.



Classic cola, with a perfect balance of sweetness and fizz. Best served chilled.


Sparkling Water

Natural mountain spring water, carbonated to perfection. A palate cleanser.


Iced Latte

Smoothly brewed espresso over ice, blended with creamy milk. A cool kick for caffeine lovers.



Elegant bubbles from the Champagne region, with hints of green apple and toasty brioche.



A tropical delight made from ripe mangoes, bananas, and a touch of coconut milk. A creamy paradise.


Fresh Juice

Cold-pressed orange juice, packed with Vitamin C, and a burst of citrusy sunshine in every sip.



Rich, bold espresso topped with steamed milk and a dollop of foam. A coffee lover’s dream.


Espresso Shot

A concentrated coffee shot, delivering a quick caffeine boost with deep roasted flavors.



Freshly squeezed lemons, a hint of sugar, and a lot of zest. The quintessential summer drink.


Herbal Tea

A soothing blend of chamomile and mint leaves. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.


Mineral Water

Natural spring water, untouched and packed with essential minerals for hydration.