Preserving Natural Habitats
to Prevent Extinction.

Global Participation

Over 1 million individuals worldwide have actively engaged in our movement for natural habitat preservation.

Financial Support

A 40% surge in financial contributions over the past year empowers us to expand conservation projects and outreach.

Policy Advocacy Impact

Our coordinated advocacy efforts led to a 25% improvement in government commitments to habitat conservation.

World change is achievable history attests to our success.

Bringing years of experience to the forefront, our leadership team tackles the greatest challenge of our time. Results-driven, we boast a proven track record of past successes.

Ready for the next move?

Join a global movement of billions. Whether you prefer investing time to support our advocacy goals, contributing financially to fuel our growth, or exerting energy to apply political pressure on governments, we welcome you to our team.

Hike has successfully achieved over 250+ significant conservation goals for its partners, inspiring everyone to care for the planet.

– Elysia Evergreen

Lets connect in person to revel in the beauty of the natural world together.

Join us for unforgettable in-person experiences celebrating the beauty of nature. From guided walks to community cleanups, immerse yourself in our events and connect with fellow nature enthusiasts.