Isabelle & Ethan

September 4–6, 2023 · Lake Geneva, Texas

Join Ethan and Isabelle from September 4–6, 2023, as we embark on a journey of love and commitment in the picturesque Lake Serenity, Texas.


Ethan’s Journey

Born amidst the buzzing streets of San Francisco, Ethan Reynolds cherished every moment of his youth. He journeyed to the east coast for education and dabbled in finance in New York for a while. His pursuit of higher studies then took him to Fontainebleau and Singapore.

Isabelle’s Odyssey

Isabelle Léon, a Parisian soul, was born to the rhythmic chaos of Marseille. Her passion for art saw her traverse to the heart of Paris by 18. With an uncanny ability to meld technology and art, her creations have graced galleries from Paris to Tokyo.

Tale of Two Hearts

Fate’s strings pulled us together in 2010, amidst the artistic lanes of Barcelona. A shared admiration for Monet and an evening of flamenco sealed our bond. Memories made in France during Ethan’s post-grad days deepened our connection.

Day of Welcoming

September 9

Welcome Dinner


123 Allée des Rêves 12345 Belle Ville, Texas

A Day of Traditions

September 8

Mehndi Painting


The Pelican
123 Rue de Démo
322 Hil Side de New York

Dinner Party


The Pelican
322 Rio De Cho
343 Hill Side New York

Festive Gala

September 8



La Rive
123 Allée des Rêves
12345 Belle Ville, France



Hotel Forgo
123 Allée des Rêves
23122 La Bella de New York