Yvoire & Excenevex, France


Yvoire is a short trip away from Geneva. You can fly or take a train there, and follow the instructions below.

Where to Stay

Hotels and Guesthouses

We have rooms blocked off for wedding guests at a hotel and a guesthouse in the Yvoire-Excenevex area. Mention the Pillai–Chopra wedding when you book to get the group discount.


123 Rue de Démo
12345 La ville de New York
+33 06 06 06 06 06


123 Rue de Démo
12345 La ville de New York
+33 06 06 06 06 06

What to Do

Activities in the Lake Geneva Area

Please join Teresa and Dario from September 4–6, 2023 as we celebrate our wedding in France.

Source – Wikipedia


French cuisine consists of cooking traditions and practices from France, famous for the rich tastes and subtle nuances with long and rich history. France, a country famous for its agriculture and independently minded peasants, was long a creative powerbase for delicious recipes, that are both healthy and refined.


Yacht racing is a popular sport and high-performance catamarans have been developed specifically for the lake. The design of the Alinghi 5 was influenced by those racing catamarans. The best-known event runs from Geneva to the end of the lake and back.


The beauty of the shores of the lake and of the sites of many of the places near its banks has long been celebrated. On the south side the mountains of Savoy and Valais are for the most part rugged and sombre, while those of the northern shore fall in gentle vine-covered slopes, thickly set with villages and castles.