Tasty is led by a fundamental organizational value: Better Tastes Better. In essence, food treated, sourced, and prepared with excellence will always yield superior results. We understand that the ingredients going into each salad are just as crucial as the end product.

Partnering Together

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Local Sourcing

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Climate Awareness

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This mindset reinforces our conviction that climate change is an immediate concern, not just a future issue. Our local farmers, partners, and providers witness daily the profound impacts of climate- related challenges that jeopardize the existing food system. Consequently, we are adjusting our approach to contribute consistently.

Prioritizing the utilization of our knowledge and platform, we are actively addressing the food industrys climate crisis. Our goal is to establish an environment where customers can confidently make food choices aligned with their values.


Our commitment involves a 25% reduction in standard Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. To accomplish this, our focus is on:

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By offering a menu that is 75% plant-based, we inherently decrease our carbon footprint by 30% compared to conventional restaurants. The respect we have for our ingredients, the fundamental components of our salads and bowls, is a commitment that does not happen overnight. It necessitates dedication from the entire organization and our partners. We engage in individual collaborations with farmers to actualize recipes and provide our customers with the highest quality ingredients.

By exclusively prioritizing environmentally responsible ingredients and collaborating directly with growers to align farming practices with regenerative organic standards, SIMPLi has streamlined its operations. This optimization aims to minimize the carbon footprint, eradicate fraudulent activities in the supply chain, and facilitate the growth of each farmer.

Corlie, Tastys supplier of 100% single sourced Kalamata olives


The restaurant industry generates approximately 150 million tonnes of single-use plastic annually. At Tasty, our internal initiatives have successfully decreased our overall plastic waste across all establishments. All menu offerings are served in 100% compostable bowls crafted from sugar cane, ensuring natural decomposition without contributing to new waste. To further diminish plastic usage, we have introduced infinitely-recyclable beverages at all Tasty locations.

At Proud Source Water, sustainability permeates every aspect of our brand. It serves as the focal point for all operations, shaping how we contribute to our communities, preserve our spring sources, and generate positive impact for our planet.

Proud Source Water, Tastys supplier of natural alkaline spring water


In collaboration with SLR International Corporation (SLR), we conducted diagnostics on our latest restaurant prototype, specifically engineered to minimize carbon impact and decrease energy consumption. With their expertise, we crafted a new restaurant model incorporating a more energy efficient HVAC system.

Anticipated outcomes of this new HVAC technology include a 15-31% reduction in GHG emissions, avoiding 1.7-5.7 metric tonnes of GHG output. The updated model also features a smaller and more efficient equipment inventory.

Throughout a year, the streamlined equipment inventory is projected to prevent 1 to 6 metric tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is equivalent to:


Charging 125 to 750 smartphones


Driving 1,000 to 6,000 miles


Consuming 85 to 510 gallons of gas


Salad Co.

One of Tastys fundamental values is Be Generous. With each new restaurant launch, we collaborate with local organizations that align with our commitment to creating a better future. Throughout the years, we have contributed 100% of opening day sales, totaling over $225,000, to various organizations, including but not limited to: