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Instant downloadable WordPress packages that you can install for free

Blog package

This blog offers a welcome respite from the noise of the online world.

eCommerce package

Everything you need to make an online store in just a few clicks.

Download Package

Get your ready-to-launch website package with a single click. It includes everything you need to get started.

Upload Package

Easily upload the package to your WordPress website. Our detailed guide will help you through the process step-by-step.

Edit Website

Customize your new website effortlessly. Follow our tutorial to make it your own and manage it like a pro.

Who should use these packages?

Anyone looking for a quick, easy way to launch a feature-rich WordPress website without building it from scratch.

What do the packages include?

Each package includes a fully-functional, pre-built website with all necessary files, plugins, and detailed setup instructions.

Can I create multiple websites with one package?

Yes, you can use the package to create multiple websites, provided your hosting plan supports multiple installations.

What if I need help uploading the package?

We offer a premium service to assist with the upload process. You can also refer to our step-by-step guides or contact our support team for help.